Business Law

Business law includes the regulation of almost every aspect of commerce. While not as personal as family or criminal law, business law can have far reaching consequences on our success and prosperity.

At Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP, we strive to provide you with practical legal advice that you can rely on. We can assist you in the incorporation of your business, the termination of your business and everything in between. Some examples of the areas of our experience include:

  • provincial and federal incorporations;
  • professional corporations of physicians, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other professionals;
  • commercial and multi-unit residential purchase and sale transactions;
  • financing transactions such as the preparation of general security agreements and registrations under the Personal Property Security Act;
  • preparation of commercial and residential leases;
  • preparation and registration of construction liens including court documents; and
  • organization and reorganization of companies including share transfers, share exchanges, shareholders agreements, etc.

While the decisions you make in Business Law may ultimately rest upon a non-legal issue, no decision should be made without full knowledge of all of the legal consequences. An uninformed decision is akin to stepping into a legal minefield, where every move you make is fraught with risk. Let us help you navigate through these difficult issues so that you can prosper.


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