Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP was established in January 2016

as a continuation of the practice of its founder, Ronald F.B. Woynarski, who has provided legal services to the Waterloo Region since 1979.

Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP has worked hard to become recognized as a quality provider of legal services in the areas of Business Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Litigation, and Real Estate. To reach this end, Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP has committed itself to the principles of experience, service, and innovation as a means of serving its clients better.


What We Value


It is often said that schools may give you knowledge, but only life can give you experience. Effective legal services require the careful cultivation of both knowledge and experience. While many firms may tout the skill and experience of their senior partners, we recognize that there is more to an office than the senior partners. We rely on the skill and experience of every member of our staff. From the moment you walk into our door to the moment your case is resolved, we ensure that each firm member handling your file is equipped with the experience necessary to recognize problems before they occur.

By recruiting only experienced staff, and providing them with the freedom to exercise their judgment, we ensure quality control over your matter every step of the way.


At Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP, we recognize that the business of law is more than just interpreting and applying the law.

Many firms believe that the law is the exclusive realm of the lawyer, and that the client should not and need not know the law. In such firms, once the client hires the lawyer, they are required to place their trust solely into the lawyer’s hands and accommodate his or her schedule. At Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP, our philosophy is the exact opposite.

The law, while highly complex, is no different than any other service industry. We want you to stay abreast of your matter as it progresses. Our commitment to service means that we make every effort to ensure that you are never left in the dark. We provide you with every tool and opportunity necessary to make certain that you understand your matter. To this end we have committed ourselves to ensuring that a client can access their files and receive changes or updates in a timely manner, be it today or two months from today. Whether it is access to files through fax or email, or by real-time editing and finalizing of documents, Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP recognizes that at the end of the day, it is more than just knowing the law. It is also about the service we provide to our clients.


In November 2006, Ron Woynarski initiated a significant change in his practice by committing to becoming a paperless law office. Today, we are happy to report that the process is complete. By combining new technology with solid business practices, we have been able to drastically reduce the amount of paper consumed in our daily operations and have enhanced the quality of our legal services.

While clients have the option to receive paper copies of documentation, we have adapted our practice to eliminate the paper waste and duplication commonly associated with the practice of law. This change to a paperless office has also produced the added benefits of:

  1. Faster document turnaround;
  2. Eliminating time that is normally wasted searching for documents;
  3. Providing added security by reducing the possibility of lost documents; and
  4. Improving client communication.

This innovation has allowed Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP to become a greener, more cost-effective and efficient law office.


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Woynarski Szymura Kelly LLP

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